Went above and beyond on estate cleanout

Susan and her team are amazing! She truly went above and beyond in organizing an Estate clean out of my grandparents home in preparation for sale. This was a huge amount of work and I couldn’t even wrap my head around where to begin. I was so impressed with how professional and caring she was going through personal items in the home. She took the time to separate anything she felt would be important to our family that live out of province. I would highly recommend her and cannot thank you enough!

Cheryl, B.C.

Highly recommended

Highly recommend Clarity Over Clutter. Susan and her crew were professional, friendly, went out of their way to ensure all our needs were met. We valued the fact their service sorts and packs as much as possible for donations to local charities. They also assisted us in organizing other services (garbage hauling, cleaning services, movers) to take the stress off us during these difficult times. We cannot say enough good things about Clarity Over Clutter!

From a Very Satisfied Client in Winnipeg

They will not let you down!

I recently had the pleasure of working with the Clarity over Clutter Team to assist with the clean out and clear out of my Mother and Father Inlaws home. This was an extremely daunting project, my Inlaws had acquired over 60 years worth of possessions and personal items that needed to be dealt with in a respectful and timely manner… Susan Macaulay to the rescue! Susan and her Team approached the Project with military-like precision… working tirelessly in the +30 degree July weather to complete the clean out in one day! I can’t say enough about how respectful the Clarity over Clutter Team was of the Family’s possessions, they handled each item as if it were their own property. Susan was particularly impressive with her planning and organizational skills… she lead the project from beginning to end with precision and professionalism you seldom see in today’s marketplace! If you are considering a cleanout or cleanout project… look no further than Susan and her Team… they will not let you down!

From a very happy couple from out of province

From scared to optimistic

I felt reluctant, nervous and scared when I was going to first meet Susan, but I was desperate for help and knew that I had to reach out. After meeting and working with Susan, I felt more optimistic about my future. Susan made me feel comfortable and relieved while working through some of the areas in my home. She helped me to see more clearly what a burden the excess possessions were and how they controlled my life. Through the many months of the process, I gained more hope for my future and regained some self-confidence. With some health issues that I have, my ability to constantly continue to maintain my home can be difficult. However, with the knowledge that I have gained, I am able to work at a pace that works with my health.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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