Susan Macaulay of Clarity Over Clutter has in past years achieved Certificates as a Chronic Disorganization Specialist and Hoarding Specialist through the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

She has received specialized education to work with people who are Chronically Disorganized or persons with Hoarding Issues.

There are different levels of hoarding and  each client and their situation is unique to them.  The awareness of Chronic Disorganization or Hoarding has been brought to light as a result of the television shows such as Hoarders, Hoarding: Buried Alive and Consumed.

The training,  knowledge and experience that Susan Macaulay has  gained helps in working with clients with Chronic Disorganization or Hoarding.

Prior to working with a person, a Consultation/Assessment meeting is set up.  This gives a person the opportunity to meet Susan and for Susan to find out what areas of the home are in need of reorganizing.  This meeting is a way to start to build communication for both the person who is dealing with Disorganization Challenges or Hoarding Issues and for Susan to assess how to move forward with the person.

In certain situations, Collaborative Therapy is encouraged which includes the services of the Susan Macaulay the Professional Organizer, a Therapist or Counsellor, and / or repair professionals, or other service professionals.

Due to the sensitivity and confidentiality concerns for many clients dealing with Chronic Disorganization, or Hoarding Issues, photos of before or after are not taken, displayed on the website, or used in presentations

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