Each person has a unique situation – so are the Estate Cleanout Solutions
We work with Executors, Powers of Attorney, and Lawyers
  • Receive specific instruction from Executor or Power of Attorney
  • Perform an on-site Consultation to decide on the plan of action
  • Pack up and arrange for shipping items to family and friends as per instruction
  • If required, arrange Auction Services
  • Sort, assess and pack up Estate contents for Auction, Donate, Recycle, and Disposal
  • Arrange and supervise the removal of all items
  • Arrange for safe disposal of electronic waste and hazardous products
  • Every care is taken to make sure that as many items as possible are kept out of the landfill
  • Provide on-site Project Management
  • Can suggest Repair Services
  • Can arrange for Cleaning Services
  • Can suggest Realtors

The team of Clarity Over Clutter works very hard to provide the best service for the family, both in the working through the packing up for other family or friends determined by the client, or for items being packed up for donate, recycle/garbage, etc.

There are times where there are items tucked and stored in closets, boxes, cupboards, bags, pockets, etc., which can take more time.  We make sure to check through everything, not leaving the possibility of something of value, or importance being missed.

If there are items that are found such as money, jewelry, important documents, or photos; we will keep them in a separate bin.  When the cleanout is complete, we will arrange to provide all these items to the client.  There are times where the family is looking for a particular item, which we keep in mind with working through the Cleanout process.

In some cases, we have packed items to be delivered to family/friends in Winnipeg or can make arrangements to have items shipped to other cities/provinces/or countries.     

Every situation is unique and so are the solutions.  We have a good network of companies that we work with.  This gives peace of mind to our clients, as they do not have to worry about where or how to start getting things done. 

There are many pieces of the Cleanout that need to be coordinated, and thus the costs can vary and depend on the condition of the property, the timeframe, and the services required. Our team works hard and respects the property and the wishes of the family.

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