• Does your living space feel small, crowded, and difficult to keep clean, disorderly or not restful?
  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed, trapped or suffocated with all the stuff in your home?
  • Can’t locate items but know you have them somewhere?
  • Spend money buying items you forgot you already had?

Being disorganized can actually cause unhappiness, cause embarrassment (not wanting to invite people to your home) or a lack of interest.

Clutter and disorganization can be contributing factors to the lack of a settled state of mind and take away the feeling of a relaxed home.

Life and events are always changing.
Having an organized environment is a continual process.

With help from Clarity Over Clutter’s organizing solutions and guidance, your living space can become the comfortable and functional home that can be enjoyed.

Systems can be set up, creating a functional living space for you and your family to help reduce stress and disorganization.

Organizing service BEFORE renovations
Organizing service AFTER renovations

Organizing Sessions with clients

An ‘Organizing Consultation’ is highly the first meeting arranged prior to any working sessions.  This is an opportunity for the client to meet the Susan Macaulay, and for Susan to meet the client, discuss the situation, and assess the needs of the client.  The time for a ‘Consultation’ can vary from one to two hours, depending on the size of the home and the situation.

After the ‘Consultation’, the Organizing Sessions would be scheduled with the client and can vary from a minimum of 3 hours and up – depending on the client and situation.  The fee for Consultations and Organizing sessions is based on an hourly rate.

Additional charges would apply for supplies used, purchased items for the reorganize, if Organizing Assistants would be required, or a travel fee would be added in the event of out of town Organizing Services.

Susan, and the Team of Clarity Over Clutter, work with a variety of situations which could include organizing:

  • for everyday living in a home
  • in preparation to move
  • as a result of the death of a loved one
  • as a result of an addition to the family
  • as a result of a change in health
  • from the transition to retirement
  • as a result of a move to a smaller home

Organizing Services not directly working with the client

The team of Clarity Over Clutter can provide the home organizing services without directly working with the client, but carried out after communication and agreed upon steps have been established between the client and Susan Macaulay of Clarity Over Clutter.

These types of situations can be as a result of the client unable to physically participate in the home, current stay in hospital, out of town or living off site due to the condition of the home.

Organizing Services include:

  • Do an in-home assessment and set up goals with you
  • Help you gain perspective on changes that are necessary to achieve your desired outcome
  • Sort, edit, organize your items,  and arrange for donated items to be taken to charity
  • Introduce ideas to improve organizing habits
  • With some clients, working with others (family, friends and other Professionals)  who may be involved in supporting change
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